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Rhonda Hayden

Founder & owner

Meet Rhonda, the OWNER/FOUNDER and Creative Force Behind KINDA GRITTY Signature Event Planning.


Rhonda Hayden's journey to KINDA GRITTY signature event planning is a testament to her unique approach and unwavering dedication. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Rhonda's innate talent for crafting extraordinary events has always set her apart.


For Rhonda, event planning is not just a profession; it's a consuming passion. Her mind becomes an ever-turning wheel of ideas and possibilities, continuously adding layers to each event. This isn't the casual pondering of a few minutes; it's an all-encompassing, day-in, day-out immersion in the world of events.


She envisions every detail, from the moment a guest purchases a ticket to the final social media post after the event. Rhonda's approach is marked by an exceptional level of commitment. Her dedication is the driving force behind her event planning, akin to the perseverance needed for an Ironman, the endurance demanded by ultra running races, and the determination required to climb mountains, both literal and metaphorical.


Rhonda understands that planning an event isn't merely a task; it's an adventure that requires stamina, passion, determination, resilience, and an ability to conquer any obstacle that stands in the way. It was from this very concept of unyielding GRIT that KINDA GRITTY was born.


With Rhonda Hayden at the helm, KINDA GRITTY is where your signature event dreams become a stunning reality. Whether you're launching a business, celebrating a milestone, or supporting a non-profit, Rhonda's extraordinary dedication and passion will infuse your event with an unparalleled level of creativity and success. Welcome to the world of KINDA GRITTY, where every event is an extraordinary journey.



Portfolio of Signature Events:


Molten Mohawk Niner 

Innova Prep Adult Spelling Bee

Hattiesburg Half Marathon (revamped)

Bourbon Festival

Bourbon Celebration

Farm to Fork Ride Run Crit

March of the Mayors

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